About IFSG

Formed in 2017, Indian Federation Of Sports Gaming (IFSG) is India’s first and only Sports Gaming self-regulatory industry body formed to protect consumer interest and create standardised best practices in the Sports Gaming industry.

The Sports Gaming industry comprises of any company that operates online sports-based Games of Skill (which may include e-sports, Fantasy Sports and casual sports games). IFSG aims to create a thriving ecosystem for users & operators by laying guidelines for a common set of practices, setting standards of operation and creating a regulatory framework to protect user and operator interests.


Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG) is a Section 8 Company incorporated under the (Indian) Companies Act, 2013 for the purpose of self-regulation and promotion of best practices in Sports Gaming services and contests offered in India. IFSG aims to set extremely high standards for the self-regulation and operational efficiency of the Sports Gaming industry. IFSG was founded in 2017 as a representative national body to protect the interests of Sports Gaming contest users and operators in India.

Guiding Principles


Creating standardized practices such as publishing of rules and T&Cs in a way that they are easily accessible to the user, ensuring winner declaration and prize money distribution information is available to users, etc.


Ensuring Sports Gaming operators, employees and families do not participate in pay-to-play contests, no preferential treatment for any user, protecting user funds, no cash transactions, etc.


Implementing Responsible Gaming policies, keeping user information private, following approved processes for creating pay-to-play contests, etc.



Policy advocacy


  • Create avenues for providing a platform for advocating issues, challenges and opportunities of the sports gaming industry
  • Be the channel for representation to state and central government
  • Enhance the competitiveness of the industry by creating a cohesive and unified voice which can be presented to key stakeholders such as bureaucrats, legal advisors, influencers, media, etc.



Research and information

  • Conduct & publish research with reputed partners on matters relevant to the Sports Gaming sector
  • Create and provide avenues to members for frequent exchange and transfer of intelligence
  • Update and share expert opinions with members on legal, operational, tax-related issues etc.
  • Publish reports on market trends and recent developments


Complaints and redressals

IFSG aims to create an environment of trust through transparency, implementing FairPlay policies and honest communication with the users regarding any issues or questions they may have. For this purpose, a system has been created that will allow users to directly reach out to the Federation in case they encounter any issues.

IFSG will address all Sports Gaming user related issues pertaining to, but not limited to:

  • Sports Gaming operations
  • Contest-related problems
  • Misleading advertising

Operating Standards

FairPlay Policy

Responsible Gaming

User verification standards

Ethical advertising

Online security measures

Measures for complaints and redressal

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