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Formed in 2017, Indian Federation Of Sports Gaming (IFSG) is India’s first and only Sports Gaming self-regulatory industry body formed to protect consumer interest and create standardised best practices in the Sports Gaming industry.

The Sports Gaming industry comprises of any company that operates online sports-based Games of Skill (which may include e-sports, Fantasy Sports and casual sports games). IFSG aims to create a thriving ecosystem for users & operators by laying guidelines for a common set of practices, setting standards of operation and creating a regulatory framework to protect user and operator interests. 


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Any company that operates online sports based games-of-skill (which may include e-sports games, fantasy sports games and casual sports games) or provides technical, marketing, legal, policy-making and other services to operators of sports based games-of-skill are welcome to apply for IFSG membership.

Simply fill out a short form on the Membership page OR write to secretarygeneral@ifsg.in and we will reach out to you with details on the membership process.

There are several benefits of being an IFSG member, which include:

  • Being a part of the core committee that helps redefine the online sports games-of-skill industry in India
  • Making vital recommendations to the State and Central Government and other key influencers on policy matters
  • Getting the opportunity to lead the online sports games-of-skill revolution by contesting for IFSG elections
  • Having the power to vote at any IFSG General Meeting
  • Availing the Legal Committee format checks
  • Getting mentioned in IFSG press releases and news
  • Getting access to industry reports, research and expert insights about taxation, laws and more
  • Getting access to best-in-class investment bankers and availing potential fundraising opportunities
  • Building your network by interacting and collaborating with the top Sports Gaming operators in India

The duration of an IFSG membership is one year from the date of joining. For example, if you joined IFSG on 1st February, 2018, your membership will expire on January 31, 2019. A Member may renew its membership of IFSG anytime before the expiry date of the same.

The IFSG website will be updated from time to time with all the latest reports, publications, etc. You can download them directly from the website.

You can register for upcoming events directly on the IFSG website. Simply fill out a short form and we will get in touch with you.


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